15 Instagram Accounts to Follow in Bruce County

15 Instagram Accounts to Follow in Bruce County

15 Instagram Accounts to Follow in Bruce County @44Nmedia

We spend quite a bit of time scrolling through Instagram, and the majority of our feed is made up of accounts from Bruce County–so.. we’d like to think we have a good idea of who the best Instagrammers are in the area.

Here is a list of our favourite Instagram account to follow in Bruce County:


1. Explore The Bruce

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A good place to start when following Instagram accounts from Bruce County is with the official county tourism of Explore The Bruce. Not only do they know Bruce County best, but they upload an array of beautiful local landscapes and the fun goings-on of the area. You can be sure to be updated of what’s new, and discover interesting new places you might have never heard of.



2. Bruce Grey Simcoe

This account also represents some of our lovely neighbouring counties, but of course has a big emphasis on beautiful Bruce. Not only do they have plenty of their own eye-catching shots, but they regularly feature images shared from other local photographers, which can help expand your feed even further. They’ve even shared quite a few of our photos (seen above)!



3. SUP Boutique

Not only do we looove their Suplove boards at the store, but we love their paddle photos from the SUP Sauble Beach account, as well as their features from Port Elgin beach.



4. Sarah Chisholm

Sarah is a Canadian artist and photographer on the shores of Lake Huron, based in Kincardine, ON.



5. Southampton ON

Whether you live in Southampton, ON, visit each summer, or have simply passed through once–it has a way of sticking in your memory. So, what better way to remember than to follow the town itself on Instagram, or at least one creative person that enjoys sharing almost daily photos of the best little town on Lake Huron 😉



6. Tori Bos

Love’s sinking in the sand.

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Tori is an amazing photographer from Kincardine, that features unique local shots with dark tones and slightly abstract nature imagery.



7. Scott Rock

Auroras! Auroras! Auroras! That’s what we know Scott for best, and he sure knows how to capture them from the Saugeen Shores area. Of course, he photographs all kinds of other things, like gorgeous sunsets, snowy aerials, and haunting storm clouds.



8. Seattle’s Travels

Looking down from the top of the Grotto, into the turquoise waters of Georgian Bay😍

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Seattle Dredge is a travel blogger & photographer that lives in Southampton, ON, and regularly travels around Bruce County hiking, SUPing, camping, and taking photos of all her adventures along the way.


9. Blue Heron Co

Blue heron is one of the staple businesses in Tobermory, and they post photos of all the can’t miss experiences in the area. Whether you’re planning a trip, or simply just want to see some pretty pictures, they are a fun follow for your feed.

Even better is their new account for Blue Heron Tours by Helicopter!



10. Chris Cook

Take me back ⚓︎ . . .

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Between Hamilton and Southampton, half his shots are from our beautiful neck of the woods, through unique angles and dramatic tones, with a focus on snowy lakescapes and misty mood-sets.



11. Owen Sound Flight Services

Everyone’s posting drone shots these days (hey–we’re guilty too!), but it’s hard to resist a good old fashioned airplane view. Not only can you check out all their amazing aerial shots on Insta, but you should probably do yourself a favour and get over to the Owen Sound Airport for a tour. Obviously, you’ll want to try their brand new Tobermory Air Tour (on a trial basis for one year, hopefully to become permanent), to see the best of Bruce County. We can’t wait to see all the photos.



12. The Queen’s

🍃🍓🍳🍅🧀🍹 🍴Who wants brunch this weekend?

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Who doesn’t love a feed full of delicious food and tasty drinks? Prepare yourself for pizza, bulging burritos, brunch, cold beers, pizza, saucy wings, sizzling burgers, sweet cocktails, pizza, crisp salads, mouth-watering appetizers, and did we mention pizza? Prepare to be hungry!

*Bonus* The Queen’s runs a monthly Instagram photo contest to win a $100 gift certificate!

p.s. – 44N runs social media at The Queen’s, so we hope you love the photos 😉



13. Grey Bruce Explorer

October 13th #OwenSound #Meaford #GreyCounty #aurora #northernlights #clouds #reflection

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Vibrant images with a creative punch, from both Bruce & Grey.



14. Munro Geography

Big Tub Harbour. Tobermory, ON. #brucecounty #ontravel #brucepeninsula #lighthouse

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Cory may technically live over in Owen Sound, but he still posts plenty of images from Bruce County. As a geography teacher, he takes lots of stunning shots of geologically interesting locations, which the Bruce Peninsula is teeming with. We sure wish our geography teachers had drones.



15. 44N Media

Southampton: A photographers Disneyland ✨🏰🌅

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That’s us! We couldn’t make a list of accounts to follow, and not suggest our own. We regularly feature photos from all around the county, from stunning aerials and scenic landscapes, to fun events and tasty local food. Give us a follow!



15 Instagram Accounts to Follow in Bruce County @44Nmedia

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